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A web site enhances the character of the enterprise it represents, offering a view into what makes the organization tick, as well as how to interact with it (often through the web site itself). The ultimate success is to create such interactivity with style, so that people visiting the web site are not even paying attention to the technology. Everything should fit into place, masking the complexity that lies beneath. That is the art of web design.

Microsoft Office Products

Microsoft Office is the productivity suite most people use on a daily basis. Launched in early 2013, the new web site reflects Microsoft's adaptation to the web, sporting its new Metro design aesthetic, online purchasing channels, and software products that don't simply employ the web, but run on it from top to bottom.

As a Web Producer assigned to the site, my responsibilities included:

  • Coordination and cooperation with a multi-disciplined team of site managers, designers, and developers.
  • Page creation and development using the Metro aesthetic, grid system, and enterprise-level CSS styling.
  • Code management on multiple development servers using the Office Content Management System (OCMS) and SharePoint 2010.

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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft Online are the enterprise-level email server software packages used by Fortune 500 companies and modern start-ups alike. Throughout 2010 and 2011, Microsoft was in the midst of a major initiative to move sales of Exchange away from old-school business partnerships and into the cloud. The Exchange web site underwent rapid change in order to match this dramatic shift in Microsoft's business model.

As the Web Developer assigned to the site, my responsibilities included:

  • Working directly with management to draft and interpret business and technical requirements.
  • Conceiving and coding user interface design (HTML, CSS, jQuery, XML, CSP, Photoshop) for all areas of the Exchange web site.
  • Code management on multiple development servers using SharePoint 2010.

In early 2013, the Exchange web site was decomissioned and re-directed to


Karen Gilbert Law

Karen Gilbert Law is a Seattle, Washington boutique law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of citizenship and immigration law. The firm assists clients around the U.S. and world-wide.

Working from the vision of the web site owner Karen Gilbert, I developed this site from the ground up. There are a number of jQuery goodies in here, including jQuery UI components such as accordions and dialogs.

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Mobile Web Puzzle

This mobile web app was designed for my 2-year-old daughter, based on one of her favorite puzzles. My goal was to create an experience which mirrored the real thing as much as possible.

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SanMar Corporation is an award-winning supplier of 17 retail and private apparel brands. The company supplies to screen printers, embroiderers, promotional products distributors, athletic dealers, and industrial launderers—whether they are outfitting a Fortune 500 corporation or your neighborhood team.

As the lead web designer at SanMar, my responsibilities include:

  • Design of premium home page ads representing major brands: Nike, Columbia, OGIO, and New Era.
  • Conceiving and coding user interface design (HTML, CSS, jQuery) for all areas of the company web site:
    • E-Commerce pages, including shopping cart, checkout system, and the new invoice payment area.
    • Marketing pages heavy on graphic design.
    • Help documentation.
  • Managing HTML, CSS, JSP code for the web team.

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As an information architect at Classmates, my responsibilities included:

  • Conceiving of information architecture for major product development and launches.
  • Interpreting business requirements and translating them into functional specifications:
    • Page flows
    • Wireframes
    • Technical writing of each piece of functionality
  • Collaborating with other team members to create the most effective web site interfaces.
  • Working with development team to ensure technical feasibility and efficiency of products.
  • Presentation of functional specifications to development team for hand-off.

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SoundTransit required an ADA-compliant web site to match riders with special needs with the transportation options available. I led a multi-tiered team in the design and development of the data organization, the backend application, and the branding for launch. I also wrote the HTML and CSS code for the entire interface, which met all Section 508 guidelines for special needs requirements, including the ability to navigate and interact with the site using a screen reader.

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AEP Colloids

AEP Colloids is an international supplier of natural food ingredients, based in Saratoga Springs, NY. Their existing logo and color scheme were used as a foundation for designing their web site. A straightforward layout and clear navigation are standout features of this web site.

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Wave Link Music

Starting with a company postcard which incorporates Wave Link Music's latest branding, a fully branded web site was created, including an events calendar and third-party booking software.

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Tile Restoration Center

TRC is a tile business in Seattle, WA that reproduces the work of tilemaker Ernest Batchelder. This brochure site includes a contact form for capturing pre-qualified leads and an online inventory of tiles for view by the customer. TRC personnel can add, edit, and delete tiles using the adminstrative area of the web site.

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LiquidCity is an independent record label in Seattle, WA. I re-vamped the existing site with a unique look. In addition, their e-commerce was converted to a less costly solution, using PayPal's credit card processing. The addition of MP3 tracks throughout allows customers to sample the music before purchasing.

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