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My mother once challenged me to choose one word to describe myself. I blurted out the word 'create' almost quickly, in fact, that I then wondered if I'd spoken too hastily. But when I gave it more thought, I was satisfied with my choice. Whether in art, writing, music, or the web (which, for me, is a modern amalgamation of the other three) I live for creating. My wife Erin will attest that when I'm not working on some creative endeavor, I become anxious, and sometimes even despondent. (In fairness, life often presents us times when we simply must get this or that thing done, so I've also developed another skill: patience.) When it comes down to it, though, at almost any given moment, I'm either thinking about one of my creative projects, or how to get through my current responsibilities, so that I can get back to it.

I still feel like that kid with his hands in the fingerpaint.

My first creative memory is from nursery school, where I celebrated art by plunging my hands into fingerpaint, then smearing and smudging it more or less on the page until my piece was complete, usually about 2 or 3 minutes later. It's been an interesting journey from that first experience through the next thirty-five years or so. I've bopped around from pencil drawing to graphic design; from drumming to singing to music composition; from poetry to short fiction. I've studied each of them throughout years of private instruction, public schooling, and university coursework. I like to think my style has become more and more refined. But the truth is that when I start something new, I still feel like that kid with his hands in the fingerpaint. And I do enjoy making a mess.

In any case, over the course of a lifetime of creativity, I've racked up a host of complete works that I want to share with anyone and everyone. I've wanted to share them for a while, and have spent the last ten years honing my web design and development skills to that end. At the same time, the web industry has obliged many a creative spirit by evolving into a social network that offers any number of forums in which to publish one's work. Still, as usual, I want to do things my way. So here then is my gallery of work. Thank you for taking the time to walk through and have a look.

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